The year is 1692 and the town of Salem has an epidemic on their hands. After the first trial and hanging of the accused witches, the witch’s sisters have placed a horrible curse on the town and murder the villagers for revenge.  

Enter the first church of Salem where the trials and hangings began, but beware the witches curse has affected the Reverends turning them into the possessed. Run to the edge of town and you will enter the forest where the witches cabin dwells. Stay away from the cabin! Do not enter the cabin! STAY AWAY FROM THE CABIN! DO NOT ENTER THE CABIN.

Do you ever wonder where Halloween comes from? Do you ever wonder what happens to those who don’t celebrate Halloween? There is one who watches and patiently waits. They call him the Mayor, and he’s bringing back the horror of Halloween straight to you whether you like it or not.

Enter the Steven’s home, who’ve unfortunately have been visited by the Mayor and his minions. Do try to be careful some of the minions have been spotted finishing up and you could end up at the factory where Halloween is made. Pumpkins, candy, and monster galore, trick or treat the Mayor is at your door.  

 P.S. Do stay away from the Mayors office, the twins are known to be like their father.