Starting from the very bottom, Blackthorne Screamfest first started in 2004 as a home haunt scaring its fellow neighbors in the city of Lakewood CA. After 10 years of scaring the city finally made the attempt to shut the haunt down, the fire department was sent by the city. Even with the fire department approving the haunt, the city still did not want to take responsibility if the worst was to happen.  But without their knowledge the Haunt still continued on for another 2 years. But with the heavy weight of dealing with very little room, crowds of the thousands, and trying to keep it hush hush from the city, the creators of Blackthorne knew it was only a matter of time.

Finally, after 12 years of haunting the Blackthorne Haunt family is teaming up with promoters and creating Blackthorne Screamfest, a new event in the Southern California Area. Located at the Pico Rivera Sports Arena, Blackthorne Screamfest will feature 2 Haunted Attractions, National headlining bands and the hottest up and coming bands and DJ’s in So Cal across 6 themed Stages. Opened two days Halloween weekend, October 28th and 29th only.

Beware…the Mayor and his minions are lurking around every corner.